Barcelona - a Must Visit!

(Pictured: the tallest and most interesting-looking meringues I've ever seen)

This was my second trip to Barcelona, and I fell in love with it even more than I did the first time.  Seriously, every day since my return, which admittedly has only been 5 days, I've been thinking about how I can feasibly relocate there.  I love everything about it, from the year-round good weather and wide avenues to the late night dinners and unforgettable Gaudi architecture.  This time around, my priority was not only to check out the excellent night life, but also to hit up the best food spots in town. 

Fortunately my travelling companions shared the same sentiments I had, and we all made it a priority to find the best Barcelona eats.  Our patience was certainly tested in trying to find our first dinner destination, Cafe de l'Academia, an amazing restaurant which is unecessarily difficult to find.  After asking 10 people and being pointed in 10 different directions, we finally stumbled upon the restaurant, quietly nestled in a small residential passage in the center of Barri Gòtic.  Everything was amazing, from the foie gras crostini appetizer and heart-wrenchingly tender lamb shank to the perfectly burnt crème brûlée.  Cafe de l'Academia is only open weekdays, and reservations are highly recommended.

While eating breakfast at a cafe near our hostel (which I highly recommend, great location and very clean) I snapped a picture of what is a popular dish in Barcelona: anchovies in olive oil.  Anchovies are really big here, which is unfortunate because so many people are turned off by them.  However, if you like them, you're in luck because they're very well prepared in this city:

For lunch on Saturday, we ventured to a restaurant I'd read about on Chowhound, Restaurant Sant Joan at 65 Passeig de Sant Joan.  This restaurant has a cafeteria-style service and atmosphere, which makes it a perfect casual lunch spot.  Plus, food is very reasonably-priced. Restaurant Sant Joan features traditional Catalan food, cooked home-style; it was clear that everyone in the restaurant besides us was a local, coming back to their go-to food joint. Unfortunately I took no photos, but I guarantee that if you go, you will not be disappointed!  Reservations aren't necessary, and it's only open for lunch; also, the menu is only in Spanish and Catalan, and the waiters don't speak english.  Good luck!

Next, I would highly recommend checking out the Boqueria market which is open every Saturday.  This is the end-all be-all of markets, with mountains of eggs, fruits, nuts, meats, and fish, and just about anything you can dream of in unimaginable plentitudes.  Kind of like a playground for food enthusiasts.

Although we were only there for a total of 40 hours, I was very impressed by our ability to eat, dance, walk, and talk our way through a large part of the city.  If you go, I hope this list can help you make the best of your trip!! 

Please have a beautiful day.


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