About Ashley


And thank you so much for visiting my site.

You're probably wondering who I am, and what makes me qualified to write about food. Hopefully you will try a recipe or two and judge for yourself if they are good quality. However, I do have a few credentials that may assuage any questions or concerns you may have.

I have two undergrad degrees from Cornell University, and a master's in French Cultural Studies from Columbia. Right now I'm getting a second master's from La Sorbonne in Paris, in Alimentation et Cultures Alimentaires: Food and Food Cultures. When I'm not studying, I work for a French woman who gives cooking lessons from her home. Working with her is wonderful, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to French food and traditional French cooking techniques. And of course, I get to enjoy the best of the best with her - stinky French cheese, crispy and perfectly salted baguettes, tender meats and buttery desserts - all I can say is, life is good when your stomach is happy.

Before this job, I was working at Elle magazine in Paris, where I had the opportunity to work with French chef Elisabeth Scotto and help produce weekly recipes, les fiches-recettes, for the magazine.

A few years before that, I was interning at America's Test Kitchen, helping to test out and finalize recipes that would eventually get published in either Cook's Illustrated or Cook's Country.

I started this blog just before arriving in Paris, hoping to find a way to share my excitement about food and cooking with others. While it's always rewarding to share meals with others, it is just as satisfying to treat yourself to a nice home-cooked meal. Most of us will find ourselves alone at some point in our lives, so we may as well make it as fun and delicious as possible. I always associate good food with happiness, contentment, and pleasure, and I hope to pass those feelings on to you.

So please, enjoy this site, and feel free to get back to me with any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have! I would love to hear from you, really.