Tagliatelle with Pistachios, Cinnamon, Paprika, and Parsley

Just finished an extremely refreshing phone conversation with my sister; like myself, she is very interested in people's relationships with food and ultimately in trying to improve what we eat and how we understand and treat our food.  Over the course of these past few months, I've started to realize more than ever the importance of what we eat; after all, food is the fuel of life - why give yourself anything less than the best?  We all deserve only the best moments and experiences, and eating healthy and delicious food is a great start.  Treat the body right, and the mind will surely follow.

So, it is according to this mindset that I will provide recipes for people to make for themselves in a short amount of time, but which are still tasty and good for you.  I love playing around with new flavors and spices, so you will likely find some interesting and new combinations on this website.  As you find, for example, in this tagliatelle dish with pistachios and spices.

I love this recipe because it's full of surprises.  The fresh herbs brighten up the dish, while the earthy and slightly tangy pistachios provide a creamy component which is vital to the marriage of flavors in the recipe.  Toss in a touch of lemon juice and some spices over smooth tagliatelle, and the harmonious dance of sweet, spicy, creamy, and salty begins to waltz along your tongue and taste buds.  The silky sensation of good-quality olive oil tossed evenly over long ribbons of tagliatelle is at once calming, exciting, and highly delicious. 

Bon appétit, and to your health!

Tagliatelle with Pistachios, Cinnamon, Paprika, and Parsley - serves 1

Tagliatelle for 1 person (about 4 ounces)
2-3 tablespoons (your call) extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp chopped fresh thyme
1 handful pistachios, roughly chopped
1 small pinch each of cinnamon and paprika
1 large handful fresh flat-leafed parsley, chopped
1 lemon

1.  Bring a small of salted water to a boil; add the tagliatelle and cook until al dente, according to package instructions.
2.  Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add thyme and sautée 1 minute.
3.  Add pistachios and spices and sautée until pistachios become fragrant and slightly browned, 3-4 minutes.
4.  Add parsley and stir to combine.
5.  Drain pasta; add to skillet with pistachios and toss to coat pasta evenly.  Sprinkle with lemon juice and stir once again to combine.  Serve.


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