Website Change

I am happy to say that I changed the layout of my website, in order to clean it up and make navigating through the pages a little easier.  I hope you will enjoy itsnew look, and that you will also find it easier to browse through the recipes. 

Unfortunately, because of this change you will have to sign up once again to receive emails from me.  It won't take more than two minutes to do, there is a button you can click on the right-hand side of the site, underneath the recipe list, to complete this.  I'm sorry to make you go through this trouble, I hope I haven't lost you as a reader!

Thanks so much for your understanding, I hope you will like the changes I've made.


Riya Singh said...

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Croose Hackle said...

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a mom said...

Oh, just TRY to find chicken broth in Paris. Go ahead, try. I dare you.

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